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Japanese Fashion 101

9 months ago

In this article, we are going to briefly explore 4 major styles in Japanese fashion.

Natural Style

Close to nature especially the prairie. Natural style or natural-kei person is imagined to live in a cute little cottage, overlooking grassy plain near to a forest.

Career Style

Since the late 1980s after the enforcement of Equal Employment Opportunity Law in Japan, fashion magazines have started to promote this style in which women are focusing on looking more professional yet elegant at workplace. Nevertheless as time passes, this style has evolved by providing more options for casual look.

Sweet Style

Also known as kawaii or cute style, it does not seek to be deliberately sexy but more towards cute, innocent and beautiful.

Cool Style

Related to various subcultures of Gyaru that symbolizes youth rebellion, it is adventurous in going against the ‘conventional’ Japanese women styles hence the cool factor. While the purist appearances of this style look extreme, the mainstream ones are toned down for wider mass appeal.

In the future posts, we are going to share with you photos of people flaunting Japanese styles on streets of Singapore. Stay tune ;)